Have a question, need help with a computer problem?  We’re here to help!

Our monthly General Meeting presents speakers who give talks on a variety of computer topics of interest.  The meetings are also a good time to ask questions and get help from our fellow members and the speakers.

For one-on-one help, come to the General Meeting a little early to get help from the Help Desk – some of our member experts who have volunteered their time to help with your questions.

You are also welcome and encouraged to show up at one of our SIG (Special Interest Group) meetings held throughout the month.  SIG meeting topics are PC Computer Basics, Macs, Tablets, Adobe Photoshop Elements, and Surfing the Internet.  Click on the “Events” link above for a view of our monthly meeting schedule.

You can also email us for information and with questions.  See the Contact Us page for how to reach us.