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ourselves from them.  When Bill and April Johnson spoke to our group, there was a spirited question and answer session about viruses.  It was that interest that triggered obtaining the article on viruses. Because the article is so large we only have about half this month and the remainder will be in next months issue.

Last month I reported,
I have been editor of the club's newsletters since April of 1990 except when Leslie Phelps did it for a year.  Inasmuch as I have had to see several doctors in the past month, I think the editor's job is too much for me to handle on a continual  basis. I will be able to help, but someone else will have to assume the job full time in  ver shortly  (I will do August, September and October).  This notice will give the new editor that you find  2 months to work with me and get familiar with current procedures. After that, he/she can make any changes that can improve the newsletter and service for VBCG..