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     By  Anne Fredlock, VBCG member

  This article explains my scheme for organizing "Stored URLs", e.g., Bookmarks (Netscape) or Favorites (Explorer), for ease of retrieval and effective utilization.  The scheme will handle any number of URLs.
I use
Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 5.0 as my web browser where Favorites provide the cache to store frequently accessed websites. I probably have over 1500 URLs stored for easy reference in (currently) 38 topic folders.  Each URL address is located in a "topic" folder.  Some of my folders are: Financial, Greeting Cards, Travel, etc.  For example, the Greeting Card folder contains alphabetized links to Blue Mountain Greeting Cards [], CreataCard Plus [], Say It Talking Cards [], and Society Holidays E-mail Cards [].   URLs can be placed in more than one folder if desired.
When I find a URL I want to save while researching the web, I store it in one of my topic folders or create a new folder if the site is a new topic.  To store it in an existing folder, e.g., Travel, I click on
Favorites (top line, i.e., menu bar), then click on Add to Favorites (drop down menu), click Create In button on Add Favorite window, click on the folder named Travel in Create In list and finish by clicking OK (upper right).  The new URL is now stored in the Travel folder in alphabetic order.
If I want to create a new folder and store a new URL in it, the above procedure is followed, BUT
before clicking on OK, click on New Folder, name the folder in the Create New Folder window and click OK. The newly created folder will now appear opened and highlighted in the Add Favorites list.  Now click on OK (upper right) to place the new URL into the newly created folder.
Having URLs organized in topic folders provides for very efficient use of them.  For example, here is how I used the web in planning a trip to Spain.  I located an expansive weather site [] containing historical weather data for several Spanish cities dating back to 1994.  I created a new folder named Spain where I stored that weather URL.  Next, I did a search to find which airlines fly to Spain. The Iberia website gives data about flights inside the country.  I added that address to the newly created Spain folder and so on until I had a complete folder of web sites to use to plan my trip.
Retrieving data stored in all your folders is made very easy by alphabetizing the folders.  Right click on the very first folder in your favorites list from the menu bar, go down to
Sort by Name and left click. All the folders will be alphabetized.  Since Spain is near the bottom of the alphabet I could rename (right click the folder and go to rename) the folder to "A Spain."  By re-alphabetizing, "A Spain" would be placed at the top of the list for quick access.
After a person has acquired skill in storing and retrieving URLs as recited above,  it may be desirable to merge contents of one or more named folders, rename revised folders, etc.  This can be done by using the WIN95 or 98
click and drag protocol, i.e., Start--»  Programs--»   Windows Explorer--»  Favorites--», etc.  Consult your manual or Help for more details if needed.