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      Compiled by Carroll Palmer

There are several different types of information about search engines on which articles can be written, e.g., how do they function, how do various  types vary from one another, etc.  This article is presented on the assumption that most of our members are not interested in technical aspects of search engines, but would welcome some general information about them, e.g., the URLs for some meta search engines (engines that compile info from other engines rather then search original data) with brief description thereof , URLs for web sites that  give huge lists of search engines, etc.
Starting with URLs (omitting http://www.) for meta search engines:
Debriefing (  Searches AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Hotbot, Lycos, Yahoo, Webcrawler, and Hotbot.
Dogpile ( In addition to search engines, Dogpile will search Usenet, FTP sites, weather and stock quotes, business news, and other news wires. If you're willing to accept a cookie, you may customize your selection of search engines and specify the order in which they are searched. You may also use Dogpile's advanced search form to customize your search.
Inference Find ( Inference Find calls on Alta Vista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo simultaneously; merges the results; and removes redundancies. Unlike most other search engines which arrange results by presumed relevancy to the query, Inference Find clusters results into understandable groupings.
MetaCrawler (  Searches MetaVista, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, Thunderstone, WebCrawler, and Yahoo. Consider using the MetaCrawler's power search. for ultimate flexibility. Using the convenient graphical interface, you may select Boolean operator, limit your results to Web pages, choose geographical areas, or limit to a specific domain within the U.S. Results are displayed with summaries.
ProFusion ( Searches AltaVista, Excite, GoTo, Infoseek, Lycos, Magellan, OpenText, WebCrawler, and Yahoo. Requires JavaScript. ProFusion offers excellent options in search engine selection: choose the best three, the fastest three, all, or any of the available search engines. You may also ask ProFusion to checkup to 50 links.
Savvy Search ( Allows choice of searching: Internet guides, news sources, other search engines, shareware resources or Usenet.

In addition to search engines per se, there are URLs that provide directories or lists of them. A good example is
The Internet Directories ( which contains links to 45 search engines and is itself a search engine.
Search Engine Watch ( provides "Web Searching Tips" on how to search better and how the major search engines work from a searcher's perspective.  Also, provides a free monthly newsletter designed to keep readers up to date on search engines.
direct search ( is a growing compilation of links to engines that interface with databases that contain data not easily searchable/accessible from general search engines like Alta Vista, Hotbot, etc. that many users do not recognize contain large amounts of information not available via the general search engines.

Another type of URLs related to search engines are those that provide information and services to create personal search engines that index personal Internet sites, including some that are totally free, to make any personal site easy for interested parties to navigate, e.g.,
If you are interested in learning more about search engines and/or the URLs for some new ones to add to your favorites list, this article should interest you.