Part  Two      by       Bud  Greenlees, Historian

The VBCG officers remained essentially the same through 1989 and 1990, with Glen Dodd remaining as president.
New officers were elected for 1991 and remained in office through 1992. These officers were:
  President, George Blanton, Vice president, Eric Price, and
  Secretary-Treasurer, Bill Johnson.
In February of 1991, Glen Dodd was killed in a freak accident while on vacation in Pennsylvania. He was hiking in the woods when a tree fell on him.  Glen was our first president after the formal organization of our group and had been president for five years.  He was the "Guru" of our group.  He had the knack of explaining complicated computer problems in language fully understood by the layman.  He also kept us up-to-date on the new happenings in the computer world.  Our members in those days had almost a reverence toward him.  The following is from the club bulletin for March, 1991:

Glennon B. Dodd
June 24 1948--February 2, 1991

The Members of fhe VBCG learned that Glen died in a tragic occident while on his recent vocation in Pennsylvania. There is no way to express Glen's loss to the members of our group.  His knowledge and dedication to helping us all was a prize we shall always cherish.  His loss Is a staggering blow and we shall all miss Glenn Dodd.
Farewell Glenn Dodd
In March, 1991, we moved back to the Indian River County Main Library.  With Glenn, our contact with the Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory gone, we felt that we should move.  Eric Price, who had been working on computers for the library, arranged for our move by agreeing to teach a one-hour computer class before our meeting.
In 1991, George Liner became our newsletter editor and served until 1994.
  Our 1993 officers were:
  President, Eric Price, Vice President, George Blanton and
  Secretary-Treasurer Tom Chadwick.
That year we moved from the library to St. Edwards Upper School, again, with Eric's aid. We would have slide projection facilities there which we did not have at the library, and more of our programs needed these facilities.  In March of 1993 we had 72 members.
Our 1994 officers were
  President, George Blanton, Vice President, Eric Price, Treasurer, Russ   McConnell and Secretary, Leslie Phelps.
Leslie also edited the newsletter for 1994.
In 1995 we were unable to get a slate of officers, or a newsletter editor, except for Treasurer, Russ McConnell.  George Blanton offered to run the meetings for us until the group was reorganized.  After four months of no newsletter, George was able to get George Liner to return as editor.  He was just recovering from prostate cancer.  After an impassioned plea for group reorganization in his first bulletin, a group of us got together to do the needed reorganization.  We came up with the following group of officers:
  President, Bud Greenlees, Vice President, Fred Sterling and
  Treasurer, Russ McConnell.
We did not have a secretary, but later Claus Schwanitz accepted the position.
We began having a business meeting two weeks before the general meeting, and we included George Liner, our newsletter editor, as a board member.  We also included Eric Price as a board member.  In these meetings,
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we discussed the problems of the group and the program for the general meet