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  Part  Three     by       Bud  Greenlees, Historian

In 1966, we began having a business meeting two weeks before the general meeting, and we included George Liner, our bulletin editor, as a board member.  We also included Eric Price as a board member.  In these meetings, we discussed the problems of the group and the program for the general meeting.  This arrangement worked out well with the board working together.  Fred Sterling, as vice president, was given program responsibility and he did an excellent job. We did not have to scramble for programs just before each general meeting.
At one of our first board meetings we nominated (and the club approved) Eric Price and George Blanton as honorary members for their work in trying to keep the club together.
The officers for 1996 were:  President, Bud Greenlees, Vice President, Craig Stewart, Treasurer, Russ McConnell and Secretary, Claus Schwanitz.
For personal reasons, Claus resigned in March and Barbara Campbell became secretary.  George Liner agreed to keep bulletin editorship until we could find a replacement.  By now our membership had grown almost to the capacity of the St. Edwards Upper School auditorium.  At a meeting or two we did not have room for all of our meeting attendees.  The board began looking for a new meeting location.  Finally, Russ and I began negotiating with the Mary Powell, director of the Indian River Public Library.  We agreed to provide eight hours a month of computer assistance to the patrons of the library in return for the use of the library's main meeting room.  We had our first meeting, there, in May, and we have been meeting there since.
The officers for 1997 were:  President, Bill Westrum, Vice President , Joe Fredlock, Treasurer, Eric Price and Secretary, Larry White.
Because of his business load Westrum attended only a few of the meetings and finally resigned.  Joe Fredlock, Vice President, was away for the summer, and the operation of the club began to stall.
The program for the first meeting after Bill resigned was provided at the last minute by Eric Price. I arranged programs and ran a couple of meetings.  Then about twelve of us met to try to get the group back on track.  From this group, a slate of the following officers were selected: President, Milt Farber, Vice President, Joe Fredlock, Treasurer, Eric Price and Secretary, Barbara Campbell.
The group approved these officers, and the club ran smoothly under the control of these new officers. Carroll Palmer took over the newsletter and is now its editor.  Eric Price offered the group a good deal on new computers, if we wished to give them to the library to replace some of their old machines. The group agreed to provide three new computers. Mary Powell, director of the library, gleefully told me that the "Friends of the Library", not to be outdone, donated four more computers.
The officers for 1999 were:  President, Joe Fredlock, Vice President Jack Pirozolo, Treasurer, Paul Tardiff, and Secretary, Barbara Campbell.
Jack Pirozolo further refined the operation of the SIG groups. There are now SIG groups for The Internet; Operating Systems And New Users;  Quicken  and Word Processing Plus Related Subjects.
The officers for 2000 are President, Jack Pirozolo, Vice President Jean Grider, Treasurer, Joan Pannenborg and Secretary, Doris Hall.
I think that this history of the group should include special credit to Eric Price for all he did to further the club.  When we needed places to meet, he arranged for them by offering his time teaching a beginner's computer course at the library, or negotiating with St. Edwards Upper School.  When the group was floundering, he stepped in to help. He was always willing to help members with thorny problems.
[Note:  This completes the excellent history of the VBCG created by Bud Geenlees]