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Next Meeting Date
July 5, 2000
at 7:00 PM
Vero Beach Public Library
1600 21st Street

Our guest speaker Sammy San Miguel, has been using both the IBM Compatible and the Macintosh since the mid 80's. He will  cover briefly the differences between the two systems, the pros and cons of each. Then there will be a question and answer session. I have heard him speak and he will keep you spellbound on this interesting  and timely topic. Below is a little of his background with computers in his own words.

by F. San Miguel

   I was born into the world of computers back in the early sixties, when computers lived in large air conditioned rooms, were tended to by white coated lab attendants and made low, soothing purring sounds. I grew up in a world of punched cards, dumb terminals and main frames.
  In the mid eighties I got my first lap top PC. No mouse, no roll ball or touch pad, just an alpha numeric keyboard, the small screen and you, but I could write and print my own letters without having to dictate to a secretary or retype a thousand times before finally getting it right. I lived in this world happy and contented until the first masterfully simple Macs came along and then I lost my PC Faith. I confess I am now a fallen, lapsed PC user.
  I embraced the world of the Macintosh with passion and zeal. I loved the graphic interface, I delighted in the hand and eye interplay. What you see is what you get and the Mac gave it to me with the mouse and the pull down menu bar. I could not ever go back to the old world of hunt and peck memorized key strokes. Or so I thought, until Bill Gates came along and emasculated the old Mac with its own knife, a reverse engineered Mac Operating Interface better known as Windows. One day I woke up to a PC on my lap and a Windows flag waving on my screen. My company had gone to an all PC environment, and I had to take a giant leap back into the past.
  Today, I am retired and free but I have to survive in a jungle of iMacs and PC's. It is a jungle in which Microsoft reigns supreme and Windows is the eight hundred pound Alpha male gorilla. For the submissive, it is a good world. For the network user, the professional geek and the corporate server environment it is also a good world. But, for the independent, the individual user, the Tarzan of this jungle, who is not networked to one thousand others, give me the new iMac any day. Its intuitive human interface, powerful graphics, ease of installation and elegant design, make personal computing, once again, a pleasurable experience. Admittedly, the iMac, even today, does not have the tremendous software libraries of the PC and it certainly does not have the gigantic user community of the PC           Windows which has undoubtedly brought uniformity and order to PC to PC communications.
  But this is not the future, it is the past. I can now see a world, the Internet world, which blurs the platform divides and creates a seamless space without borders. It is not what you use in this world, but how you connect to this world, that will make a difference. And in this world, I will love an cherish my iMac, for better or for worse, in sickness or in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do us part

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