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Name the newsletter contest


Actually, we have TWO  WINNERS: Saul and Ceil Horne and
Leslie.Coffey. We had seventy-six entries for Name the Newsletter Contest. Saul and Ceil Horne's entry was received on June 27th. Leslie
Coffey's entry arrived on July 7th. The Hornes are still in the north for
the summer. They were with Freeweb before it was
free and now there is
NO Freeweb so we cannot contact them by e-mail. The winning name by unanimous vote of the VBCG Board was
VBCG Home Page.  All the entries were listed with the date they were received. The board members saw only this list without the  name of the person submitting the name for consideration. Of course we were able to refer to list that had the names of the person who submitted  their name in order to find who submitted the winning entry.  Due to the duplicate submissions, Leslie and Saul and Ceil will